David Perry Media on-location

David Perry Media on-location

We help content creators use video more effectively

Video is an incredibly creative and effective way to tell the stories behind your business or organisation. With websites, intranets, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yammer, not to mention seminars, conferences and exhibitions - there's no shortage of ways that you could use video content to communicate with both internal and external audiences.

But it can sometimes feel as though you've created a series of digital monsters, constantly clamouring for more content.

How do you create effective video content for different audiences that ties in with your marketing and communications strategies and still keep within this year's budget?

If those challenges sound familiar, perhaps we can help?

What we do

Put simply, we're here to take the stress and hassle out of creating video content for social media, marketing and employee communications.

We help you build a video content strategy that's right for you. We look for the stories behind your business or organisation - stories about what you do, your staff, customers and clients - and use them to communicate exactly what makes your business or organisation unique. Then we work with you to turn those stories into effective pieces of video content that deliver a measurable return on investment, contributing towards specific business objectives.

Whatever your need - greater awareness, more enquiries, faster conversion of leads into sales or improved employee engagement - we can help.

We're happy to work with you on an occasional basis, helping out when you need some extra resource or when you have a large project to complete.

But, we think that we're most valuable when we work with you on a regular basis as a virtual member of your team, getting to know exactly how your business works.

If you could do with some help to feed your marketing and communications monsters with some tasty video content, get in touch and let's have a chat.


Telecomms Service Info Nugget Videos

UK Telecom is a small company with a very clever idea. If you own a home in France but aren't entirely confident about dealing with a local telecoms provider in French, UK Telecom will do it for you. They will arrange for your phone and broadband to be installed, deal with any faults and even provide a way for you to access UK catch-up TV services.

As part of their website update, we worked with Bob Elliott, the owner of UK Telecom, to create a series of three Info Nuggets - short video clips each explaining a different aspect of the UK Telecom service portfolio and the benefits to the end-user. As well as using the video content on their website, UK Telecom have also featured them as part of a direct-email campaign. To date, the videos have been viewed by over 700 current and prospective customers.
Global Employee Wellbeing Videos

A multinational manufacturer of branded household goods needed a set of five minute videos to accompany an Employee Wellbeing course. We worked with Shiftology, an Oxford-based training provider to develop six videos, each of which combined a consistent branding style with a different production styles to maintain the participants' interest throughout the half-day course.

Together with Shiftology, we wrote scripts and storyboards for each video. We used techniques including photo montages, live action, custom graphics, animation and voiceovers. The live action sequences were shot in our studio and the voiceovers were recorded in our edit suite.

After a pilot in the UK, the course, including our videos, has been rolled out to employee groups across the globe.
Product Demonstration Video

Universal Networks, a cable supplier based in Hungerford, Berkshire, needed to find a way of explaining how tough their outdoor fibre optical cables are, without resorting to using string of rather meaningless measurement data. Taking inspiration from the countryside surrounding his offices, owner Eddy Hing decided that if the cables could survive being trampled by a herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, they could certainly put up with being walked over by festival-goers. Cows vs Cables - who would win? Watch the video to find out.

Video Blog

We produced a video blog for mplsystems' CEO Paul White, positioning the company's end-to-end field service to prospective customers.

Contact Centre Integration Case Study videos

We produced a series of short video case studies for mplsystems, a contact centre integration specialist, highlighting how they were able to understand their customers and provide a customised solution integrating phone and back-office systems which met each customer's unique requirements.

BMG Events

Berkshire Media Group is Berkshire's largest independent newspaper publisher, covering the country from Slough to Newbury with numerous local titles including the Reading Chronicle. We partnered with BMG Events to produce pre- and post-event videos for three of their local business events held in Reading and Slough.

For one video, we wanted to try something a little different, showing how running a small business can be a difficult balancing act!

We also created a Digital Poster for Reading Business Centre, who exhibited at the show. RBC wanted a piece of video content which they could show on a large screen on their exhibition stand, attracting the attention of passing visitors and encouraging them to stop and find out more about the facilities and services that Reading Business Centre can offer.

Fairtrade shop video

Fairtrade at St Michaels is a gem of shop hidden below St Michaels church, right in the centre of Oxford. The shop's volunteer management team wanted to raise awareness of the shop's existence, highlight the range and quality of the goods they stock and to tell the wider story of how Fairtrade brings benefits to their suppliers by telling some of the stories behind their products.

Replacement voiceover

Homeaway, a holiday lettings company, wanted to create an alternative version of their existing American-voiced animated video for the UK market. We worked with Catherine Warrilow from Seriously PR to create a new "English English" voiceover with split-second timing which precisely aligned with each step of the video.

Company overview and video blogs

LAPD Architects, an innovative practice based in Culham, South Oxfordshire, wanted to show prospective clients the depth and breadth of their services. They chose three client projects to feature in a company overview, which also includes the three clients talking about their experiences and how LAPD Architects took them through the process from initial idea to completed construction.

Event videos

Interactive Intelligence, a global provider of contact centre automation software, wanted to capture the excitement and prestige of a consultants event in central London. We created a series of videos featuring participants at the event, which were used to highlight the quality and value of the Interactive Intelligence consultants programme.

Specialist retailer video

We produced a video about Grey's Cheese Company, a wonderful specialist cheese shop in Pangbourne, Berkshire. Watch the video below to hear Barbara Grey and her team enthuse about their products. You may find yourself suddenly feeling very hungry!

Facebook commercial

We provided location sound recording services for a commercial promoting MonsterMind, a Facebook game.

School Production DVD

We recorded a school drama production using a 2 camera unit and delivered the edited production on DVD for sale to parents.

NHS Employee Video

We produced a video summary of a management presentation, which was distributed to team-leaders to help them communicate major forthcoming organisational changes and help to address widespread employee concerns.

Care Home Employee Video

We produced a series of short internal communications videos for a care home group, who have introduced a variety of fitness equipment and activities into some of their homes.

The videos show the equipment being used by elderly and disabled people and includes interviews with staff describing how the fitness equipment has made a positive impact on the lives of the residents.

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